Gauze bandage

A bandage made from gauze is the most common type of bandages. It is a thin, woven material wrapped over a wound to keep it pure and prevent infection.Gauze bandage

Gauze is porous which allows air circulation and the air enters the wound. Gauze bandages can be applied directly on a wound.

Gauze bandage is indicated to fix a dressing on the wound and prevent its displacement.

The different sizes of gauze bandages allow applying them on different body parts. They are essential for the places hard to reach and to bind.

The porous and light characteristics of gauze bandage make it irreplaceable for serious wounds. Penetrable and absorbent parameters of gauze contribute to quicker wound healing.

Gauze bandage should be changed regularly to avoid infection joining. The seriousness of the wound demands the changes of the bandage more often.

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